Recruiting Boot Camp - Day 4!

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Day 4!

Gooooood morning ladies!

Happy Monday, ladies! I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Did you have a chance to listen to Martine's call that I sent you on Saturday? I hope you did!

By now you should easily have a list of 20 ladies whom you'd like to have on your team, need some fun girl time, or could use some extra cash. If you don't have at least 20 ladies between the three lists that you made last week, take some time to go back through those lists and add some more. One thing that I do when I'm feeling like "that's all I have..." is go to my Facebook profile and start going through my friends list. It's an easy way to refresh my mind and help me remember some cues that my friends have put out that Thirty-One would be a good fit for them! Just over the weekend a few friends had shared an article about feeling like they have lost themselves in the process of raising children and being a wife. I know that feeling. Before Thirty-One I felt like I was "Jake's wife" and "Paige & Aiden's mom". Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE those titles, but I LOVE that Thirty-One has allowed me to just be "Sara." I'm sure we all have SEVERAL friends who feel the same way!

Today we're going to find out from your friends who is at least slightly interested in Thirty-One! A lot of the time women are afraid to ask you about your business. They don't want to be nosey, they don't know the time to ask, and they're just plain scared. We've all been there, right? With today's homework you are going to give them permission to ask about your business! But wait.. what if you don't know all of the answers!?! It's ok! That's why you have so many great resources with Thirty-One. Most of the questions you'll be asked you'll be able to find the answers on TOT or on our team groups... and of course, you always have ME and the rest of our upline to help! Don't let the fear of not knowing everything stop you from growing your business.

Today's Homework:

  • Make sure you have at least 20 names between your three lists that you made last week
  • Post this on your customer group:
    • It's time for a giveaway! Comment below with any questions you have about Thirty-One and my Thirty-One business! No questions are off limits! You can ask me about how much I make on average at a party, what type of support I have, or even what my favorite part of my job is. Ask away! For every question you ask, you'll earn one entry into my giveaway!
    • Yes, you're going to be doing a giveaway.. NO, it doesn't have to be anything big! NO, you don't have to tell them ahead of time what the prize is. For most of my giveaways I send out a Key Fob or magnetic bookmark to the winner. I have NEVER had anyone complain about a prize!
    • You'll be able to see who is interested by the questions that they ask on your post. On the next page in your Opportunity Notebook start a list of ladies who have been asking questions about your business!
  • Email me and let me know once you have 20 names on your lists from last week AND once you've posted the giveaway on your customer group!

We only have one more day left of Recruiting Boot Camp! Check your email tomorrow morning for Day 5!

I believe in YOU!

Your Director - Sara Harrod

I am here to help support you on your journey, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got any questions! You can reach me via call/text, email, or FB!