Followers called christians

God and Common Figure

  • God is what christians believe created the world and is there leader
  • Jeuses is what christians believe is there saviour

Common Holy Site

For Christians, common holy sites include the church of the holy sepulcher ( the site of Jesus crucfication

Additionally, Bethlaham is where Jesus was born

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Holy Book

Holy Bible : Old Testement = Hebrew Bible ; new Testement = Gospel ( story of Jesus life and teachings ) and spread of msg by posil

Key Beliefs

  • Prayer
  • Sunday Services = day of rest on Sunday
  • Tredty father, son-jesus christ, holy
  • Spirt
Declaration of Faith: Salvation through atoning sulfifice (for forgiveness of sins ) of Jesus Chirst ( son of God ) who died for sake of mans sin and rose again three days later eterlel life in heaven.
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Pactictices and Rituals

  1. Baptism is when christians are aseped in to the church usly when they are little
  2. Holy Commuion is when you exsept the bread and wine of christ
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Place of Worship

church is where christians go to pray and worship there God

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Chistmas is when jesus Chirst was born

Easter is when Jeuse died and ros again to live with God in heaven

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this is christians simbyl
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