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Global Warming

Global warming is the average temperature of the Earth Climate System. It mostly involes the ocean with the water cycle, making tornado's, hurricaines. Glaciers are melting, sun level is rising, cloud forests are drying, and wildlife is scambeling to keep peace. Some Scientist might be wrong about global warming, they are opinons, ideas, and predictions, and some scietists debate over global warming.


Global Warming is the average Temperature of the Earth Climate System.The current cycle of global is climate that all living things to come upon.Some people think that global warming is an stupid thing, but it isn't, it's technology that helps us find out what global warming is going to happend.Some global warming can be hot. cold, humid, warm, and dry. In the 4 season, winter, summer, fall, and spring have different climate change. In the winter the climate is cold, in the spring the climate is warm, in the fall the climate can be warm, hot, or cold. In the summer the climate is hot, like up to 100 degress farine height.


Global Warming cause 50% of lihting strikes across the Whole World.Global Warming will cause 100,000 Weather problems by 2099.Some Scientists believe that the cause of the weather is to buring coil, oil, and gas. Most of the causes happend in the greenhouse or the ocean. Some scietists say that these cold winters were by global warming. There are Natural cause and Human Causes of global warming. In the next years, it's going to be extinction, droughts, and more fire to happend.


There is one responsible way for Global Warming and It's is gas because the GreenHouse letting all the smoke out the pipes.It effects the Ocean, Artic, Atmosphere, and the Continets.The Mostly effected global warming is hurricaines because they can kill up to as people (populatin).Global warming also effects the plants too, like there could be no more plants by like in the next 30 years. The Greenhouse effect is the warming that happens when certain gases in Earth atmosphere trap heat.


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