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News for the week of May 20th

Do you know where your library books are?

As you know, the school year is coming to an end. The library is wrapping things up for the year, and we need all students to return their library books by TODAY, May 20th! Don’t know where your library books are? Check these often neglected spots:

  • Under the seat in the car
  • In the back or side pockets of a car
  • Cubby at school
  • On your bookshelves at home
  • On classroom bookshelves
  • In a stack of books you got from the public library
  • Somewhere in your house, a family member’s house, or a friend’s house
  • On the bus
  • Hidden under a pile of dirty laundry (EWWW!)

Check all of these spots and any others to find all of your library books!

Overdue notices will be sent home later this week.

Get ready for Summer Reading!

"Dig into Reading" with the Fork Shoals summer reading program! Read (and record) 500 pages between Memorial Day (May 27th) and Labor Day (September 2nd), and you'll be invited to attend a fabulous summer reading party! Top readers in each grade level will also receive a fantastic prize! Click here for more information and your summer reading log!

Book of the Week: Ungifted by Gordon Korman

Donovan Curtis’ middle name should be “Trouble.” He can’t seem to stop himself whenever the opportunity for mischief arises. Usually, he can get out of the messes he makes…but this time is a little different. All he did was hit a statue with a stick. How was he to know that the statue actually had two parts…and one of them was loose? Could he have possibly predicted that a large metal globe would careen down the hill at school and crash into the Hardcastle Middle School gymnasium during a big basketball game? Probably not…but all of it is his fault, and he knows that a severe punishment is coming.

…or is it? Donovan knows that it’s just a matter of time before the superintendent calls him to the office for the punishment of a lifetime. Finally, the call comes…but it’s not exactly for what Donovan was expecting. It seems that there was a little mix-up, and Donovan is being transferred to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction (ASD). No detention. No community service. No paying for the damaged gym. No, thanks to a paperwork snafu, Donovan is being moved to a school for gifted students. Nevermind that he’s not what any teacher (or parent, sibling, friend) would call “gifted.” While everyone is a little perplexed by this news, Donovan sees it as his chance to escape from the trouble he’s caused at Hardcastle Middle. After all, if he’s not there, it’ll be a lot harder for the superintendent to find him!

On Donovan’s first day at ASD, it becomes pretty clear that he doesn’t belong there. He doesn’t excel in any subject, and he spends more time in the bathroom than anywhere else. Both his teachers and his fellow students question why Donovan was placed at ASD. Soon, though, Donovan makes a place for himself at this prestigious school (that has much cooler, expensive, and newer stuff than the “normal” school down the road). Maybe what the high-IQ crowd needs most is a little dose of normal!

Donovan brings new life to his ASD homeroom. He convinces the class to give their robot a name. He shows them that playing lots of video games might give someone some mad skills in operating said robot. He gets his very pregnant sister to provide the class with a much needed human growth and development credit. He introduces one genius to YouTube (which may or may not have been a mistake). It’s also thanks to Donovan that his new friends get to experience their first school dance. (It doesn’t end well.) Even though Donovan knows he’s not really one of them, he feels more at home with his genius friends than he ever did with his trouble-making buddies at Hardcastle.

Even as he’s starting to fit in at ASD, Donovan’s past is closing in on him, and it’s just a matter of time before it’s revealed that he’s responsible for destroying the Hardcastle gym. What will happen to Donovan? And how will it effect his placement at ASD and the friendships he’s created there? Is Donovan really as “ungifted” as everyone seems to think, or do his gifts lie outside the realm of academics? Read Ungifted by Gordon Korman to learn how one kid can bridge the gap between “nerd” and “normal.”

Fork Shoals School Library

Ms. Kelly L. Knight, Librarian

Mrs. Allison Meredith, Library Clerk

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Dates to Remember:

  • May 20 - All library books are due!
  • May 23 - Bingo Night @ 5:30
  • May 27 - Memorial Day - No school!
  • May 30 - 5th grade Exhibition
  • May 31 - Kindergarten Graduation; Spirit Day
  • June 3 - 3rd grade awards @ 8:15; 4th grade awards @ 9:30
  • June 4 - 1st grade awards @ 8:15; 2nd grade awards @ 9:30; noon dismissal; Skate Night
  • June 5 - 5th grade celebration and awards @ 9:00; noon dismissal
  • June 6 - 5th grade day; noon dismissal; last day of school


We will have Family Bingo Night on Thursday, May 23rd, at 5:30 PM. Flyers were sent home last week in folders. The cost to play Bingo is $5.00 for seven cards. Additional cards can be purchased for $1.00 each. A McAlister’s boxed meal can be pre-purchased for $6.00. Proceeds will benefit our rising 5th Graders to visit Washington, DC next school year. Come join us for some family fun and prizes!

Report Cards

Remember to send in a self-addressed stamped envelope in order to receive the final report card. The envelope will also include a summer activity incentive program, a reading list, and math websites.

Summer Activities

Be sure to refer to the school website for links to reading lists and websites to work on math activities over the summer. First in Math will also still be accessible until July 31st. Stay refreshed with educational activities over the summer!

2013-2014 South Carolina Picture and Children's Book Award Nominees

13-14 SCPBA nominees
13-14 SCCBA Nominees
Fifth graders who want a head start on reading next year's Junior Book Award nominees should check out the booklist on the library blog!