Safety tips for the online world

Marta Lasak

Passwords, Passwords.

Passwords can be anything you want them to be, but what's a password that will protect you? Here's some tips

  • Change your password frequently. why? Anyone can know your password and be accessing your personal things without you even knowing about i t
  • Use different passwords for accounts. Why? If anyone finds out your password for one account they know it for all the accounts you are logged into to.

Scams, can are everywhere.

Today scams can be everywhere. On social media, websites and emails. Not much can be done since scams are suppose to trick you. However, if you get scammed, report it! It can help you form getting scammed again


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Privacy, is the most important thing today. By a few numbers anyone can be you. You can use many programs that save you from this. Like lock life with is very popular

User Agreements

User agreements are things you have clicked without knowing. These can be very dangerous because they can do anything. A tip? Read before clicking, be more careful
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15 Online Scams You Might Get Fooled By