Blue Haze Bulletin

Weekly Staff Newsletter: Week 5

Week FIVE!

Can you all believe it's almost the end of the first six weeks? The first month just BLEW by! I must take a moment to just say I am so excited about the great start to this year. In just the last week, I've received several compliments on our school climate and decor from both district staff and BHE families! I love seeing our students AND teachers using our nooks, classroom windows and doors are wide open as you walk down halls, and it's so wonderful to have so many students smiling and initiating greetings in the hallways! I know our open mornings will make our mornings even more fun for our Bears! The positive vibe in our hallways and classrooms is just awesome!

Team Leaders

Team Leaders are beginning to read excerpts from Thomas Crane's book The Heart of Coaching: Using Transformational Coaching to Create a High-Performance Coaching Culture. As discussed last year, our Team Leaders are stepping up this year to truly lead teams through strong foundations, instructional coaching, feedback, accountability and support. To continuously move our campus toward excellence, our team Leaders will begin the following:

  • classroom walkthroughs
  • providing teacher feedback
  • facilitating PLCs
  • conducting journal observations
  • facilitate coaching conversations
  • refine and reinforce instructional goals of team
  • conduct Team Lead Instructional Rounds

Team Leaders will not conduct formal observations, but focus more on these 7 key elements:

  • Invest time to get to know colleagues
  • Understand people's roles, goals, and challenges
  • Set clear context and expectations
  • Observe the work closely enough to have relevant and substantive feedback
  • Provide timely, candid and specific feedback regarding observations
  • Stimulate learning, growth and performance improvement by asking effective learning questions--offer suggestions as necessary
  • Build capacity in colleagues through support and empowerment

I will communicate with Team Leaders frequently to discuss team celebrations, areas of growth, ideas, questions, etc. Thank you, leads, for your commitment to excellence!

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How to Use Others' Feedback to Learn and Grow, by Sheila Heen

As administration and colleagues begin walking through classrooms and providing feedback on instructional practices, I feel this is an insightful TED Talk to watch. We often discuss how to give feedback to one another, but how often do we stop and think about how to receive it? Please watch this great video for self-reflection on the whole feedback cycle!
How to use others' feedback to learn and grow | Sheila Heen | TEDxAmoskeagMillyardWomen


As announced last week, we must use our phones for times until our school clocks are corrected. This means for arrival/doors opening, tardies, specials, lunches, dismissal, etc. It is very important that our doors open AT 7am! Our bells will be off as well, but we will begin announcements right at 7:45 and dismiss right at 3:00, even though the bells will be 3-4 minutes off. Please remember to go by our cell phones for ALL daily schedules. I will update staff when clocks are corrected.

Food for Thought!

Upcoming Dates!


Mon, 9/19: Team Leader Mtg, PLC Room

Tues, 9/20: Mary's Baby Girl Shower in Utopia

Wednesday, 9/21: DEAR Time during Morning Meetings, Staff Mtg: 15-20 min ALL STAFF (Business/HR Procedures w/Mr. Bitters), then CERTIFIED STAFF for another 10 min (Ms. Lightsey)

Mon, 9/26: WSISD Mad Scientist Night

Wednesday, 9/28: DEAR Time during Morning Meetings, Staff Mtg CERTIFIED STAFF ONLY, Yearbook Picture Day

Mon, 10/3: Guided Reading Begins, Team Leader Mtg, PLC Room
Wed, 10/5: BHE BOOK BLITZ (CERTIFIED STAFF ONLY, during Staff Mtg time), DEAR Time during Morning Meetings

Fri, 10/7: Student Work Boards/Reading DUE by End of Day


Tues, 10/11: PD Day (More details TBA)

Wed, 10/12: Team Lesson Planning Collaboration, Team Lead Classrooms

Thurs, 10/13: PTA Meeting/2nd Grade Music Program 6:00

Fri, 10/14: 1st Six Weeks Assemblies

Mon, 10/17: Team Lead Mtg, PLC Room, WSISD Healthy Families Rally, 6:00

Wed, 10/19: Staff Mtg (Attendees TBD), 4th Grade to Nature Center

Fri, 10/20: 3rd Grade to Zoo

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Remember to model the WELCOME PILLAR for our students, staff and guests...and have a wonderful week!