The Amazing Grand Palace

Let's Relax at the Grand Palace In Thailand!

The Great Existence

Back in 1782, the first ruler was King Rama the second. Being one of the first rulers, he had made the Wat Phra Keaw and the Emerald Buddha which are one of the oldest temples in Thailand. This palace may have had many Kings and Royal family members here, but actually this place was made of mostly wood not gold!

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The Long Way

In the beginning, the Grand Palace started off small and got bigger over time. As each King came all of them had the chance to make the Grand Palace bigger, and how it is known as today. Being the King, they decided to add mythical creatures around the Grand Palace, as if why, there is no reason to it. Today, the Grand Palace is being re-built. But most of it is still from when King Rama built it.
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The Grand Palace's Importance

The Grand Palace may be a place to tour, but they still do other things there too. If you are at the palace you may notice that they still do ceremony's and host church for Buddhist people. As for some other places in the palace, the King still does his state business. If you ever want to visit the Grand Palace, you should know there are specific rooms closed off to the public!
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What's So Cool About The Grand Palace?

This palace may be a huge touring area, it is like a school and has a very strict dress code. This dress code consists of, no short shorts, sleeve less shirts, no crop tops, etc. As for a few other things they have the Emerald Buddha in the Buddhist temple. Every season they change the clothes of it, but only the King can change it believing it will bring good fortune to Thailand.
Grand Palace Bangkok


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