Do Beats affect your beats?

Joshua and lance

Our lab

In our lab, we are trying to find out what genre of music affects your heartbeat the most.

We tested five different types of music; dubstep, classical, pop, rock, rap, and country. In our test, we tried to keep each of the variables consistent between each testing.


In our lab, we assumed that dubstep would cause our heart-rate to increase the most due to how it has sudden bursts of acceleration in the music which would interrupt the hearts homeostasis. We also hypothesized that classical would decrease our heart-rate the most, because it is consistent in its speed and also generally calms the mind.

Independant variable:

The independant variable we are changing throughout our tests is the genre of the song being played to the tester.

Dependent Variable

The dependent variable, or what will change when we test, is the bpm or beats per minute that the tester has after listening to the song for two minutes.

The Control

The control is the tester's bpm without listening to any music while in the same testing environment.


There are many constants we tried to uphold within our experiment.

Same room

Same volume

Same tempo of songs

Same time waited to measure bpm in song

Same time waited in between songs

Same listening device used

Same music player used

The Procedures

1. Have the headphones in the tester's ear.

2. Play the song at constant volume in the partners headphones while starting the stopwatch.

3. Once two minutes have passed, measure the testers pulse by pressing down on his wrist for 15 seconds. Measure the beats and multiply the about of heart beats by four.

4. Once you have measured the bmp, repeat steps 1-3 three more times to create an average.

5. Once you have created an average for the genre of music, repeat steps 1-4 with each untested genre of music.


Control bpm: 76

Classical bpm average: 80

Pop bpm average: 84

Dubstep bpm average: 76

Rap bpm average: 76

Country bpm average: 80

Rock bpm average: 84


After going through each of the genres, we ran into a couple of problems. Our main problem was inconsistency. We tried as hard as we could to keep all variables the same, except we were unable to prevent a few. We were unable to keep the same...

The day in which we tested

The temperature for the room

Measuring pulses

And the VPN connectivity.

However, after getting results from testing, we have come to a conclusion. Generally, the genre of each music do not accelerate or decelerate the rate in which your heart beats per minute, rather volume and speed of the song do. Your heart does not react differently to different types of instruments, but it does react differently to the speed in which the instruments play. So since we found music that were all the same speed, of course we would see very little variety in our results.

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