Shield of Stars

By: Hilari Bell


       In a strange place called "Deorthas", a 14-year-old boy named "Weasel", who was once a pickpocket, is writing a letter for his boss, Justice Holis. This letter was to some men conspiring against the regent, Pettibone, who had started to take control of the kingdom through Prince Edoran*s young age(the prince had to be 22-years-old to become king, but, sadly, he was only 15-years-old). Pettibone, somehow, found out about Holis being a conspirator, and sent guardsmen to check it out, including his clerk...Pettibone, later, found out about other conspirators, by means unknown, and arrested them, too. When Weasel found out about this, he set out to talk to the prince. He had to steal some clothes from the laundry room, and he actually did manage to get to talk to the prince, but was interrupted by the regent (who had been informed by the prince*s "butler"). Weasel was knocked out when he tryed to escape so he later found himself in a "newly made" jailcell (it was once a tower but turned to a jailcell because the other cells were full) with a "smuggler*s" daughter,Arisa Benison,who*s mother turned out to be "the Falcon" (a famous road bandit)... Will they escape and free Justice Holis?! To find out more, READ THE BOOK!(*s are apostrophes)

Main Characters

The main characters are: Weasel, Arisa Benison, "the Falcon", Justice Holis, Regent Pettibone, and Prince Edoran.