Block 3

By Camila Gil humphrey

From the ”Porfiriato” to the Mexican Revolution

In the half of the century XIX there were many conflicts between liberal and conservatives. The liberals had conflicts because they defeated the french people. There were two groups, The civilians that accompanied Benito Juarez in the Reform war and the Militaries that acquired prestige during the French Intervention and they were headers of Porifirio Diaz.

Porfirio Diaz as a president

Porfirio Diaz was chosen as a president on 1877. The first years of his government was of making adjustments and looking for peace. The first period of his presidency, lasted until 1880. Manuel Gonzalez was Porfirio's closest friend. His government also built ways, the Banco Nacional de Mexico was created, and the Military school re-opened.


On 1844, the general Diaz occupied the presidency again. Years later, Diaz was re-elected five times. The institutions of justice and the legislative power obeyed his orders. This stage of the History of Mexico is known also as, ”Porfiriato.”