Hey, Trusted Advisor!

Are you missing the BP boat?

The average BP business claim is over $200,000.

Your clients who own businesses, work, or live in the Deepwater Horizon settlement zones may be eligible to participate in the largest class action settlement in history. As their advisor, failing to make them aware of this fact will most certainly compromise your credibility with your clients. And, time is running out.

They will hear about the settlement from someone else and the last question they will ever ask you will be “Why didn’t you mention this to me?” Saying “I didn’t really understand the whole settlement,” or “I wasn't set up to run all of the calculations," or "I was swamped with my tax clients," will be the last answer you provide.

Ask About Out Strategic Service Partner Program

Let's work together. Our team has developed a unique, risk free claims process that allows professional firms to focus on their core business, while ClaimsComp handles claim production and the recovery of settlement funds. The Strategic Service Partner Program is designed for your firm or business to develop an additional source of income, while serving your clients, and avoiding the time and hassle of filling claims.

Strategic Service Partners can choose from several tiers commensurate with commitment level or existing presence in the marketplace. Strategic Partners will benefit from marketing tools, webinars and a Partner Operations Specialist.

CPAs, attorneys, brokers and other professionals are aligning with ClaimsComp to deliver solutions to their existing client base while creating new revenue streams and earning referral fees. We understand that each professional partner and their client base is unique and urge you to contact me today to discuss this opportunity.

Referral Program

3% to $5,000,000
5% from $5,000,000 to $10,000,000
10% for $10,000,000 or more

**At the 10% level, if a 3% referral fee is required in addition to the Service Partner Referral fee of 10%, the 3% will be deducted from the Service Partner 10% on that particular claim.