Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash's life

Do you know Johnny Cash? Have you heard of his music? Well if you have here is a little bit about him he sings and plays guitar and he once was in the air force for 4 years but sadly this hero has died but his music hasn't.

Johnny Cash's Life

Johnny Cash was born 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas with 3 sisters Margaret Louise Cash, Reba Cash and Joanne Cash he also had 3 brothers Jack Cash, Roy Cash, and Tommy Cash. When he was 23 Johnny picked up a guitar over seas and started singing. Later when he got back to the united states he started up a band and they came popular pretty quick. Johnny Cash had a lived for 71 years until dying in Nashville, Tennessee because of respiratory failure.

Johnny Cash's Accomplishments

Johnny Cash made a lot of really exciting accomplishments during his life for example he went to a Federal State Prison and made an album. Johnny Cash made an album in prison because he wanted everybody to hear his music and see that he is a good person. Johnny Cash featured in 36 MOVIES that is also a huge accomplishment and 32 songs that's another huge accomplishment. He has earned 11 Grammy awards and 15 other awards and 7 of those were AFTER He died and his music lives on.

Johnny Cash's Influences

While Johnny Cash was not a Great Musical technician, his sound was unforgettable-unmistakable Bass- Baritone voice, a flexible blend of country, Rock "n" Roll and folk music. Johnny Cash not only influenced people to play instruments he influenced musicians to but the sad part is he only influenced them because he died. (Justin Timerlake, Pharrell Williams, Metallica, and the white stripes) were all deeply sadden by his death.