AC halls in Chennai

AC halls in Chennai

AC halls in Chennai

AC halls in Chennai is not a big fascination nowadays. With the climate of Chennai being extremely hot and humid almost all around the year, AC halls have become a necessity. AC halls in Chennai have picked up demand, in the recent times, especially for big events like marriages.

Initial legacy and modern developments

In initial years , marriages did not take place in "AC halls in Chennai". It usually, took place in open spaces, wherein people would sit down on the floor and relish the food, with a lot of respect and dignity. Today, the values and system has changed a bit, due to modernization. Hence, AC halls in Chennai have become a necessity in real terms, for all occasions. G.G.Mahal AC halls in Chennai is fully centralized Air-conditioned with full power backup provided by 200 KVA generator.


Most of the AC halls propping up recently have more than one hall which leads to confusion among the guests attending various marriages in the same mandapam; insufficiency of parking area also becomes a problem as it is being shared by all guests of various halls. The unique quality of G.G Mahal AC halls in Chennai is that it avoid the above issues, it is a spacious hall , all the facilities are only dedicated to single occasion happening in the G.G Mahal AC halls in Chennai.

Space factor

Space is an important factor in most of the AC halls in Chennai. It is important to decide on the required space. Selection of AC halls in Chennai should be done on the basis of number of guests attending the function (expected visitors) and not on seating capacity as people will be floating rather than sitting at one place. G.G.Mahal AC halls in Chennai got muhurtham hall seating capacity of 550 guests and Dining hall capacity of 175 guests. G.G.Mahal AC halls in Chennai got 10 A/C Rooms to accommodate relatives or guests , ample space for car parking which can accommodate 45 cars.

Ambience and maintenance

Marriage is considered as the event, which is extremely pure and divine by nature, AC halls in Chennai should be very well maintained. G.G.Mahal is neatly maintained by regular cleaning practice, Cleanliness and hygiene are the two most important factors which are to be considered in selection of AC halls in Chennai.