SB Starlights

12.18.2015 Issue #16

Star Ship Report

  • TEACHERS - A reminder to those of you who have been issued a "new" Dell Laptop -- the Tech Department will be collecting your Mac Book on Monday 12/21 -- please be certain that you have transferred and/ or backed up your files before this date. Mandi is available if you have questions and/or need assistance.

  • Winter Holiday Celebrations - I am hopeful that all celebrations can be scheduled for Wednesday 12/23. In your correspondence with Room Parents please be mindful of food allergies and arrange to have suitable options for all students.

  • In keeping with tradition, for the December Faculty Meeting is everyone to set their own agenda and use the time to meet their individual needs. I will be here until 5:00pm should anyone have a need to speak with me. However, I am sure that everyone has at least three things that they can take care of during this time. Enjoy!

  • On Course
Please remember to click the POST button in Lesson Planner.

Grade Book for Grades 4-5 beginning the 2nd MP.

Additional "Help" sessions will be scheduled in January.


We have FINALLY received our PARCC assessment data from Spring 2015 (just in time for the holidays). Teachers you should now have access to the results broken down by school and individual score reports as well as links/resources related to interpreting the scores and information for conversations with parents. Parent letters and individual score reports should be in the hand of parents now. I have scheduled a parent night to discuss PARCC on Tuesday, January 5th. If anyone wants to join me...

  • Facilities - Mr. Savizon

Please keep Damian and/or Steve appraised of any concerns that you have regarding the upkeep of your classroom.

The Unlearning Cycle (why we learn & how it's changing)

Very interesting video included in the text.

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Monday 12/21

  • NO Faculty Meeting - "The Gift of Time" from me to you.

Tuesday 12/22

  • December Birthday Staff Breakfast 8:00am

Wednesday 12/23

  • Early Dismissal 12:45pm

Thursday 12/24

  • Winter Break

Friday 12/25

  • Winter Break

***Monday, January 4, 2016***

Please return to school :-)

  • Meeting (4:00pm) to discuss plans for the January 15th School Meeting - Dr. King. I hope that everyone will attend and contribute to the planning. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Going where no man has gone before...

12/24 - 1/1 -- NO SCHOOL / WINTER BREAK

1/4/2016 -- Happy New Year!! -- Please return to work

1/11 -- Grade Level Meetings

1/12 -- Assembly - Franklin Institute "Flight"

9:00am Grades 3,4,5

10:00am Grades K,1,2

1/13 -- Principal's Cabinet 8:00am

1/15 -- Special Activity Start of Day - School Meeting 9:00am - MLK (Kindness)

1/18 -- No School -- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

1/20 -- Factulty Meeting 4:00pm

The agenda will include discussion of the February Constellations

1/25-29 -- Great Kindness Challenge - school wide activities

1/29 -- Last Day of MP 2

Circus Event - Real Magic 6:00pm