To Kill A Mockingbird



Bravery is a huge theme throughout the book. Atticus is brave throughout the book a lot. First he was brave enough to defend a black man during the trail. He was also brave enough to face the mob that was outside of the jailhouse. Atticus also helps Scout become brave for her family for those her criticize them for having her dad defending a black man. Another time bravery occurs is when Atticus helps Mrs. Dubose be brave enough to fight against her morphine addiction, even though she knows that she is going to die. Also Jem and Scout thought of themselves as brave when they approached the Radley house. Those are the main point of bravery throughout the book.


Racism was a big part of the book. During this time period blacks were not able to be with whites in public places. Tom Robinson was a black man who was in a trial against a white man. All of the evidence basically proved that Tom was right. But just because he is black made people not want him to be innocent. Tom does end up loosing the trail. During the trial Scout, Jem and Dill sit with the other black people up in the balcony because the black people weren't allowed to sit with the whites. Also Scout and Jem go to church with Calpurnia, and the other blacks, and Scout thinks its just the coolest thing ever. That is how racism takes part.


Perspective has actually taken place in the book too. Atticus like to make his kids be in other people's shoes and see their side of things. I think the biggest perspective is at the end of the book when Scout imagines how Boo has seen all the things throughout the book. For example seeing both her and Jem running by his house when they go to school, their Boo Radley games, and the biggest one Bob Ewell's attack. When Scout thinks about his point of view she realizes that she should have respected him the whole time. Another time perspective was a theme is how Scout and Jem view the Tom Robinson case. Scout and Jem kind of knows what is going on but then again they dont. They really don't know what is going on because all the grown up know why he lost the case which is because he is black. But since Scout and Jem are kids and they just see the good in him. Also the way that they both grew up Atticus told them that all men are equal. One final example is when Scout went to school the first day and the teacher got mad and yelled at Scout because she knew how to read. Atticus told her to try to be in her shoes and try to imagine her putting in the new system.