Life-Hacks Weekly

By: Abani Medrano


Dear Caraline,

Yes I do have a little sister, and she is hopfully perfectly fine. Right now I want to try to not worry because all of the worry will get to me. So I'm going to get through this mission or issue I'm actually not sure what to call it, but i will get through this for her. I will strive to finish this for her.

Brain Jack

Movie review

Regular Sam Wilson well, he has never been normal but has tried to fit in. One day finds himself in quite a situation. He has too take action and try to save the world when nuero technology has taken over. So what will Sam do? I dont know. With his friends Vienna and Dodge no one shall get in their way.

Feature Article

They had her . They had Vienna, innocent Vienna she was just trying to help. They caught her. I saw her. They had her and she was struggling to escape . With what happened next I wanted to give up right then and there. She got loose. With out her mask or anything else to help shield her from the deadly chemicals of Las Vegas. She ran and I thought about her breathing in those toxic chemicals and how they would mess up everthing inside her body. I wanted to run and save her but if I had then I would have gotten caught too and all she did would have been for nothing. So i have to wait.

Brain O's

Introducing the one the only Brain O's. The new cereal made to help you get super rad cool brain technology. They were made to help you make more brain cells. This is a limited time offer folks, from now until the movie Brain Jack comes out everyone who pre-orders their tickets gets a FREE box of Brain O's.