Lip Cancer- And your uncle Cletus

An introduction to cancer and Lip cancer.

What is cancer?

Cancer is the uncontrolled reproduction of a cell, usually hindering the organ that that cell came from's ability to work and function.

What is Lip/mouth Cancer?

Lip/Mouth cancer is cancer that affects tissue in the lip, mouth, tongue, or high throat of any person. It may involve the removal of parts of the mouth or lower jaw, though if treated early enough this is usually not a high risk.

How do I get Lip cancer, and how can I prevent it?

Like regular skin cancer UV radiation can cause lip cancer, which could then affect other areas of the mouth. Another very, very common way to contract lip or mouth cancer would be tobacco use- smokeless and otherwise. Despite what the media tells you smokeless tobacco just as dangerous as it's combustive counterpart. Dip, chew, and other forms of smokeless tobacco can cause bad breath, bad teeth, and the removal of your entire lower jaw and tongue. It is also a scientific fact that every single person named Cletus WILL be diagnosed with lip or mouth cancer from incessant redneck use of chew and/or dip.