Cool App



Platform: web-based

Price: Free


Geddit is a cool online tool that I learned about during Spring Training. It allows teachers to gauge student understanding at key points in a lesson, privately, and is great for the 1:1 classroom.

It's a simple but powerful app. Using the app students can give instant feedback about their understanding in real-time in an easy to see interface for the professor. The prof. can check for evidence of understanding with multiple choice or short answer responses as well.

"When I want to check for understanding I prompt the students to ‘check-in’ with Geddit. We might do this five times throughout the lesson - such as just after a group problem on the board, or before students move on to individual work. I also set questions through Geddit, so that my students can test themselves and receive immediate feedback - this helps them reflect a more accurate ‘check-in’.

With this real-time, private feedback I know exactly who require my immediate attention and why. The questions let me see actual evidence of understanding against student confidence which is valuable when intervening.

I reflect on each lesson through Geddit which lets me identify students at risk. If need be I can email them immediately after class to schedule a 10min catch up time. I usually try and see them the next morning, before class, to get them back on track!" - Courtney York, Notre Dame High School

Geddit - How to Check In


  • Entrance ticket
  • Check for understanding in a lecture
  • Check for group understanding in PBL
  • Exit ticket
  • Short multiple choice questions
  • Short open ended questions

Final Thoughts

I've not used this tool personally but I can see so many uses for it.

Pros: It seems very user friendly and a easy to set up.

Cons: I'm not sure yet.

I'm always interested to know what you think of these things if you use them so make sure to reach out to me.

Mendi Benigni

Instructional Technologist: School of Education, Health and Human Performance

College of Charleston