My 2014-2015 School Year

The year I learned a valuable lesson

A New Canvas

Someone once told me that “there are two ways life can lead you. You can choose to look down at yourself and think negatively, bringing to worst side of you our or choose the more positive side where you can achieve the impossible.” This year's lesson was exactly that. Middle school is like the middle child of elementary and high school. This year's journey was an unexpected and bumpy but fulfilling and long-lasting. There were times where many times did I want to give up due to personal issues that also affected my education but a lesson I will always remember came from all my hard work and that's what I am grateful of. My little group of people I call "friends" have expanded after I let myself open up a bit more and family life twisted sharply in an unexpected turn, but needless to say, the way that I look at life is a bit more different in ways that can be compared to like a blank canvas. Different colors describe different events and it never really does end because even as your life stops, or when there is no longer a painter bringing one's life into colors, visitors and appreciate you, the masterpiece, or you, for what you are worth, the lessons and memories you gained, and the hard work spent into the painting.

Cosmic Dreamer - 2014 Reflection

An Ending is Just A Beginning

There are so many things that I wished have gone differently. With all the cheesiness that was said in this poster, I will be honest and upfront. Although a lesson was learned and a conflict that has been going no for years has finally been resolved, there will still be that little piece of me that will remember this valuable lesson but in a way of a depressing matter. Even though I have gained true friends and resolve some problems, this is just the beginning for me. "1/4 of your life is you learning and going to school, so what are you going to do after?" A friend once asked me and to answer this question and honestly,I don't know. I'm scared of what the future holds but when time comes, I believe that the answer will be right on the tip of my tongue cause there is so much more to life that waits to settle for one. And anyways, did you don't really expect a 13-years-old to really answer THAT, do you?