Stanley Milgram

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What is this person famous for?

The Milgram experiment- The willingness of participants to obey an authority figure that instructed them. If they didn't do what they asked they would get a shock and would increase voltage each time.

Results- 65% of the participants administered the final 450 volt shock. Almost every participant questioned the experiment.

How did the research help to understand how people think and act?

Milgram concluded that ordinary people are likely to follow orders from an authority figure.

How did the time period in which they lived affect them?

Milgram lived through the ww2 time period and his reason for conducting this experiment was to see how easily it was for ordinary people to harm other people like they did in Germany.

How did the research effect psychology?

The research says that if you were to put anyone into Milgrams experiment they all would react the same way no matter who they are.