Jenny LaSalle

In The Beginning

Donatello, wh was born in 1386 in Florence, Italy. He also grew up and lived all his life there. He started studying art at a very young age and became really good at sculpting.

Famous Sculptor

One of his most famous and well known works is called David Which is a statue of a man with his foot set on top of a severd head.


The original statue was made in 1408

WHat so good about it?

I thought this one would be a good choice because it has allot of description about it because its so famous. But i was also wondering why he has his foot on someone else's head. Plus, probably just me, why he has a girl face.

"Ism" and Work Sited

I think this piece represents Humanism because it is interests is in humans and it demonstrates human talent and values. :)

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