Great Depression

By: Morgan

Politcal/ Government

F.D.R known as Fraklin Delano Roosevelt was elected as preident when the Great Depression started to come in action. Heburt Hoover was no longer preident during this time cause people thought that he wasent going to change anything and wasent helping. The people thought that F.D.R would be able to change and help them in there lives. Fraklin Delano Roosevelt did make that happen. He started a program called the New Deal. The New Deal did stuff like give unemployed people jobs, the goverment set up something called FDIC that gave them money, and men built roads, schools and airports for people.

Economic & Geogapic

Within weeks the stock market crashed.By 1932 25 percent were unemployed and around 100,000 people lost thier jobs. A example of prices went from $48.00 dropped to $11.00. New york was hit the hardest because of when the stock market crashed of October 1929. Many many people were dead, hungery , homeless, and poor.

Other Interesting Facts

Did you know that on October 29 known as Black Tuesday records of 16 million shares were traded. People who lost there homes bulit little shelters called Shanties.