Jim Davis

By Jackson


Have you ever wondered about Jim Davis? If you have you came to the right person. In case you don't know who Jim Davis is, he was the creator of Garfield.
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Life Before Fame

Jim Davis was an artistic kid possibly like you. When younger Jim lived on a farm with his parents and brother. At the farm there were cows and cats him and his brother took care of. You might be wondering when and where he was born. He was born in Marion Indiana in 1945. Once he was getting older he started drawing more. Eventually he got into Ball State. He was also an assistant for Tom Ryan. So what i'm saying is Jim Davis teamed up with Tumbleweed.
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Getting Famous

Jim Davis had read comics a lot. He had started to notice there were a lot of comics about dogs but not cats. Finally he started to create a comic about a orange lasagna loving cat named Garfield. After awhile people began reading Garfield in the articles they'd gotten. Soon enough Garfield was popular all over the place.

Interesting Facts

You might not know some of this but now you'll know. Garfield was actually named off of Jim Davis's grandfather. Garfield's looks have changed over the years. Did you know that Garfield holds the Guinness World Record for being the worlds most widely syndicated comic strip?
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Jim Davis was a really good man. He has inspired me to believe in my dreams. Even if i'm not good at drawing now I can practice like he did and hopefully I might actually complete my dreams.