Technology You Can Use

Highlighting tools to use in the classroom.

Emphasizing the "T" in STEM

We've all been working hard over the last few years to implement "STEMified" lessons and activities for our students. We've explored with integrating Science and Reading Standards. We've incorporated Engineering into our units. There is more and more exploration embedded within our Math lessons. Here are some websites that are easy and quick ways to emphasize Technology and use with your students to enhance student engagement and learning.

Finding Resources to Support our Teaching

This is a wonderful resource for any educator looking for hands-on, student-driven activities that support specific standards. You are able to customize your search by grade level and content areas, including: Science, ELA, Health/PE, Social Studies, Math, The Arts, World Language, and Professional Development. I have been referring to this website off and on over the last few years and it continues to amaze me because of the actual classroom content that is shared and highlighted.

This is a GREAT resource for those of you currently working with PERPICH and those of you that just believe that integrating the arts is a good practice of quality teaching!


I just came across this website in my search for new websites specifically for a grad school assignment. This website has a variety of case studies and other research-based information supporting integration of the arts. I was already a supporter of arts integration, but this website and its case studies pushed me even further in that direction. I was also excited to read that Seth MacFarlane has helped to revive Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, the new science series and promoting/supporting Science Education.

If you haven't checked out this website yet, I highly recommend it!! I had the opportunity to explore the site with my cohort for Grad School last week and it was very intriguing! I think that students would love it!


An innovative way to make learning connected, effective, and FUN! Instagrok allows students to research any topic with an interactive concept map that is customizable and sharable. There is an awesome Teacher Tutorial Video on the main page.

Kayla Davis

3rd Grade Classroom Teacher
McKinley Elementary STEM School