December 7-11, 2015


It seems like time has flown by this semester and it's already time for our second concert! We're putting the last minute touches on during rehearsals this week, but every student was given the practice challenge of playing through their entire program twice - but at two separate times - this weekend. This will not only help their mental preparation, but doing a longer practice session this weekend will also help with fatigue on Thursday night. Concert days are always a bit more taxing due to the fact that we play during class, during warm-up, and then again at the performance. Of course the performance is when we want to sound our very best, so knowing how to play when you're a little tired is very valuable. Thanks in advance for encouraging your child to fulfill their end of the practice deal so that the entire team benefits!


There are lots of things happening and lots of things due this week! Please pay careful attention to everything below:


Money due for Spaghetti Dinner! Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity! Please send your order in an envelope labeled with your child's name and number of dinners you need. We can take cash or checks, which should be made payable to PABC, Inc. Thanks in advance to Lisa Eads and crew for making this a special time for our North Band families!


6:30-6:45am - Donuts served for Symphonic 2 rehearsal

7:00am-8:00am - Symphonic 2 rehearsal (all other band students must remain silent or find somewhere else to hang out before 8:00am)

3:45-4:45pm - Jazz Band clinic!


6:30-6:45am - Donuts served for Symphonic 1 rehearsal

6:45-8:00am - Symphonic 1 rehearsal (see above about staying quiet during this rehearsal!)


7:15am - Jazz band rhythm section report to move equipment to the library

7:30am - Jazz band wind players report to Band Hall for warm-up

7:45am - Jazz band perform for North faculty meeting! You'll be dismissed immediately following our performance, but please help the rhythm section move equipment back to the Band Hall

5:30pm - Spaghetti dinner begins! Band students who are eating should plan on being in line first so you can be in place for the 6:15pm warm-up.

6:15pm - All Band students begin warm-up in the following places (cases will be stored in these locations as well): Symphonic 1 - stage; Symphonic 2 and Concert Band - band hall; Intermediate Band - large ensemble room


All Medieval Times money due! We must have an exact ticket count so please be prompt when turning in your order!

If you are interested in being included in the "Top Seller" prize for our World's Finest Chocolate sales, money is due by the end of the school day. We will announce the winner at 3:45pm.

Finally, our first annual North Band Festive Locker Decorating Competition was announced this week! Let's get those lockers decorated so that we can enjoy them next week! Judging will take place at 3:40pm and all are invited!


We discussed proper concert attire in great detail this week, and even had a mini-fashion show! Thanks to our models for being great examples of how our students should dress for formal performances!


Our first jazz band is doing so well! I think you'll really enjoy hearing them on Thursday evening! Mr. Hedrick is doing an amazing job with them and we look forward to setting some goals for the spring as well. The rehearsal schedule for the spring will be determined before we leave for break and we hope it will be at a time when everyone can regularly attend.
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LOTS of things going on this week! Stay on top of your schedule, finish up your pass-offs, and be on time to rehearsals and the concert. Looking forward to a fantastic week and a wonderful concert on Thursday!