Is Playing Softball Worth The Risk?

By: Jazminn Brown


There are many different injuries that you could sustain while playing softball. Some injuries include: tendentious, frozen shoulder, shoulder instability, shoulder separation, golfer/tennis elbow, bursitis of the elbow, sprained wrist, fractured fingers, muscle strains, lower back pains, herniated disks, and ACL/MCL injuries. All of these can pose a threat to your sport career. Dr. Joe Congeni says "I learned from a recent study that girls who play fast-pitch softball are at a higher risk of concussion than boys who play high school baseball. That same study also showed that softball pitchers also suffer fewer shoulder and elbow injuries than baseball players."


There are also some benefits to playing softball. For example, players learn teamwork while playing on the field because without cooperation it would only be chaos on the field. Not to mention their self-esteem levels increase because when they are on the field they get to show of their skill and since they are doing something they enjoy, they usually don't notice the people around them. It also develops leadership skills, sometimes players have to take charge and control situations. It increases flexibility and burns calories/fats. When the players are running around on the field, they are actually getting a great workout.
Lady Vol Softball vs Bama Super Regional Game 2