Friday Focus

September 25, 2015

Another great weekend coming up in Norfolk!

I'm sure there are a TON of activities in town--and out of town--this weekend. However, if you're looking for something to do, bring your kids or grandkids and march with us in the Lion's Club parade on Saturday morning! We are planning on meeting about 9:45 in front of the movie theater. Wear your NC colors and come walk with us!

And on Sunday at 7PM at St. Mary's, our parish will again be ABLAZE with music and prayer! If you haven't experienced ABLAZE yet, I urge you to do so. It is an hour filled with wonderful music, prayer, and even some time for personal reflection.

And looking ahead to next week, there is a Men's CEC weekend (go to to register), starting on Friday night, Oct. 2, a KC pancake breakfast on Oct. 4 at the Parish Center and our Norfolk Area Right to Life "Life Chain" from 2-3 PM on Oct. 4. Meet us at the intersection of 13th and Norfolk Avenue.

Switch Update

As of Thursday afternoon, I have 11 "students" who've submitted questions to this week's questions over our faculty book study book, "Switch." You can still submit answers until midnight on Sunday.

HOWEVER, if you didn't get the questions done this time, DON"T QUIT! I'll have 2-3 more questions up later today and you'll have two weeks to answer them! Keep going, keep growing!

I do appreciate and enjoy your responses to the questions about the book! A couple of you wrote very thoughtful paragraphs about wanting to remind yourself of what students experience every day--and that sometimes we forget how much they have going on in their lives. It is frustrating to realize that sometimes the subject matter that we're teaching is not #1 on their priority list. Sometimes, it's not even in the top 10!

Read this blog post below. It's a good one and a good reminder.


I finally got a date set to get our playground resurfacing done---it's Monday, October 5!

So, we need to get rid of all that crumb rubber on our playground before October 5! If you would like to use any of that rubber at home for mulch (or for any other reason, for that matter) please take as much as you want!

I'd also appreciate it if some of you could volunteer and help us get rid of that crumb rubber. The more volunteers we have, the less time it would take! We are going to work on Saturday, Oct. 3 at 8 AM. Bring yourself, a shovel and a wheelbarrow if you have one!

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I know sports is absolutely over-emphasized in our society, but I also know that there can be a lot of real-life lessons learned on the playing field, as well!

Archdiocese of Omaha Enrollment is Up!

Below is a link to a recent story in the Omaha World Herald about Catholic School enrollment. They were wrong to say that the biggest increase was at "Norfolk Catholic High School"--it should have said, "Norfolk Catholic School."

There should be a story in the Norfolk Daily News and on WJAG radio very soon, too!