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CIO Information

CIO stands for Creative Ideas Organization. We help people on problems and make new events and activities. We make ideas and everyone has a voice here. Come join us. New Members always welcome! We can't wait to see you. Join us on the Remind App for Updates! Info on the Remind App inside the newsletter!

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Meeting Agenda

Our Next Meeting will have lots of topics! Here is a list of them!

1. Review of Last meeting

2. Review of Positions

3. Review of Members

4. Get caught up in our work

5. Plan the Party

6. Get List of Supplies Ready

7. Any other topics from any other members!

Hanging with Friends

Tuesday, March 29th, 1pm

5001 Monroe Street

Toledo, OH

We will be hanging out with our friend Bansiyana M. She will leave us soon and we want to make great memories with her. This event is still in deciding so stay tuned for more information!

CIO Meeting Information

Leader/CEO- Christian Soto

Below Leader- Hayley Baumer

President- Grace Reichow

Vice President- Madeline Rossler



Security- Kasey Carr

Inventory Organizer- Ben Andrus


If you have an idea for a position or would like to be in a position please contact Christian Soto at -

The CIO is a meeting where people come together to share and create ideas. We are a fun group and everyone is welcome!