Pre-K Van Metre

May Happenings!

May Update

This month we had a great time learning about animals, vets, and the pet store. Our field trip to the Camden Adventure Aquarium was so much fun as we got to see penguins, crocodiles, and even touch shark teeth and some live sea creatures! Field day was also great fun as we had a beautiful day to play together in the games the children practiced in gym. We've also been taking care of our plants in the "Kinder-garden" and invite you to take a peek as you walk by the next time! Now we're practicing for graduation. We can't wait to see you on June 19!

What was your favorite thing about the aquarium?

  • When we saw the colorful frogs--Rayna
  • Having lunch--Chris
  • The hippo--Vidyut
  • The catfish and the hammerhead sharks--Zach
  • The hippos--Chinmay
  • I saw the crocodiles--Lisa
  • I saw a live sharks--Grace
  • Seeing fish, the sharks, the whales, crocodiles, penguins--Malik
  • I like the sharks and the baby turtles and the froggies--Micah
  • Seeing the hippopotamus--Tara
  • Fish, sharks, and I saw a big fish--Timi
  • Touching the water--Diya
  • That we got to see the hammerhead shark--Aaron
  • It was fun. The bears, the hippopotamus looks like a bear--Jason
  • The crocodiles and alligators--Adriano
  • I loved seeing the penguins--Klarissa

What's Coming Up in June?

  • Firefighters and Police theme
  • Friday June 19--Ms. Van Metre's Pre-K Graduation
  • Tuesday June 23--Half day/Last day of school


Friday, June 19th, 10am

Ben Franklin Cafeteria

Graduation will begin promptly at 10:00 am. Please arrive early by 9:45. Doors open at 9:30.