Notes from the 6th grade team

February 1-5

Important Events

This week in math

Ask your student about their unit 6 math test. We are beginning our next unit on Functions, Inequalities and Integers.

Monday: Students will be use order pairs to graph relations.

Tuesday: Students will complete function tables and find function rules.

Wednesday: Students will extend and describe arithmetic sequences using algebraic expressions.

Thursday/Friday: Students will construct and analyze different verbal, tabular, graphical, and algebraic representations of functions.

If you need to contact your math teacher, please email at Trish Alexander, Coleman Lee, Angela Lipscomb, or Laura Williams

This week in science

Monday: Students will use the physical characteristics of a mineral to identify each mineral

Tuesday: We will continue to work on identifying minerals by their characteristics

Wednesday: Virtual mine tour to learn how minerals are mined

Thursday: Students will get the idea of what it is like to mine for minerals using cookies.


Friday: Review this weeks concepts and finish up using characteristics of minerals.

Book log-in information--

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If you need to email your science teacher please click on the link: Lucy Shrout or Angela Lipscomb.


Egypt projects and presentations were awesome! Egypt projects will be displayed in the front display case and up in the library the month of February.

Monday - Students will display their Egypt picture today!

Tuesday- Students will take the chapter 11 pre-test over the origins of Judaism.

Homework will be chapter 11 pre-reading worksheet and chapter 11 introduction in TCI textbook.

Wednesday - Students will share out answers over chapter 11 introduction. We will learn some key vocabulary today over Judaism. Homework will be chapter 11 key content Terms: Use the term in a sentence with one of the four Hebrew leaders to show understanding.

Thursday - Students will be learning about the 4 Hebrew leaders. We will introduce a fun Powtoon or one act play for students to work on to learn about how Judaism originated and developed.

Friday - Students will be working on their Hebrew Powtoon or play project.

If you need to email your Social Studies teacher, please click on the link: Heather Yates, Jeremiah Hoskins

This Week in ELA

We will be having a close reading of Chapter 4 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham -- 1963. Vocabulary, author's purpose, and close reading skills are the focus of close reading. We will work with reinforcing reading skills in guided reading. Watch for STAR test scores this week.

Homework is reading 30 minutes per night or more recorded in the reading log. For students using Google Classroom, you can check out your child's progress on assignments through the week by opening the classroom page. Thank you for all your support with improving reading through practice!

If you need to email your ELA Teacher, please click on the link: Nathan Tramel, Wendy Ford, Josh Howard, Jeremiah Hoskins