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Middle School LA & Religion ~ May 8, 2015

Announcements, Upcoming Events, and Important Info

May Crowning Mass will be hosted by the 2nd and 8th grades on Wednesday, May 13, at 9:30 a.m. (St. Joseph's Church). All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Thank you to all moms who came out for our annual Mothers' Day Mass this past Wednesday. It was a wonderful opportunity to recognize & celebrate you! You are beautiful models of faith to your children - thank you for entrusting them to our care on a daily basis.

Please continue to review and sign your child's red folder. Assessments going home this week from my classes are the following:

6LA = GUM Unit 5 Quiz, Whatcha Readin'? rubric

8 Religion = Vocations assessment (if completed last week)

The students (and a few teachers) have put a tremendous amount of effort into this year's school play - the show will be this Friday and Saturday at 6:30 in the school gym. Congratulations to the cast and crew!

Many sports teams are winding down their seasons soon too - check the school website for days and times of games/tournaments. Go Dolphins!

Additional Upcoming Dates of Note:

Tuesday, May 12 = 6th Grade LA/Spanish Field Trip

Thursday, May 14 = 7th Grade Religion Field Trip to synagogue

Tuesday, May 19 = Choir/Band Concert

Thursday, May 21 = Spring Show

Friday, May 22 = No School for students (teacher PD)

Monday, May 25 = No School - Happy Memorial Day!

Class Updates

Grade 6 Reading & LA

Book Clubs: Gathering together for their final time in their NF book club groups, students engaged in lively discussions surrounding overall understanding and reactions to their nonfiction texts. They worked together to determine nonfiction text structures used by the author as well as author's purpose. On Friday, students completed their respective book-end tests.

Writing: Using ideas set forth in their nonfiction texts as a foundation, students continued to work on shaping original argumentative essays. Many students have challenged themselves by seeking out sources in addition to their books. Through conferences and personal reflection, students have revised and completed drafts that reflect a central argument, with all body paragraphs defending their claims in some way.

Word Study: Students reviewed suffixes and prefixes this week with various activities. The quiz will be on Monday, May 11.

Grammar: On Monday, students were introduced to diagramming sentences. They learned about separating the simple subject and simple predicate, and some even started diagramming where the adjectives went.

Genius Hour: One of the highlights of each school day (hands down) has been student Genius Hour presentations. Through these informal presentations, students continue to hone both speaking and listening skills. Some students have even branched out to other modes of presentation such as VoiceThread!

Grade 7 Religion

Students wrapped up their unit on vocations on Monday by reflecting on how they can use their own talents and gifts to answer their unique vocations. On Tuesday, Fr. Larry returned to the class to answer some lingering student questions about the Catholic Church and current issues facing it and its teachings today. Students each created a vocations test (with an answer key) on Thursday as the unit-end assessment.

On Friday, students kicked off our next unit of study (on modern-day Judaism) by watching video clips from "Jerusalem: The Center of the World."

Grade 8 Religion

Students viewed and took notes on a video about Islam (one of the three major monotheistic religions) on Monday. They were asked to reflect on what they already know about the religion as well as questions they have about practices, beliefs, etc. On Tuesday and Thursday, students explored the Five Pillars of Islam in depth, using videos and discussion to promote and deepen understanding. On Friday, they spent extra time studying and learning about the second pillar, Salat (prayer).

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Photo = Finish "swine" of the Flying Pig Marathon (Cincinnati OH - May 3, 2015)

*Thank you to students, teachers, and parents for their support and prayers!