The Philippines

By: Jacie and Isabelle

Physical Features by: Isabelle S.

One of the many landforms in The Philippines is Mount Apo. Mount Apo is located on Mindanao, and it's 9,690 ft. Mount Apo is a beautiful mountain with tons of hiking experiences! Another landform is Mindanao In The South, it is approximately 36, 537 sq. miles. The last, but not least is Visayas. 2 amazing islands with beautiful beaches!

Philippines government BY: Jacie


The type of government is: Republican The leader of this beautiful country is: Benigno Aquino lll The role of citizens is: Independent
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Philippines culture BY: Jacie

Philippines have many different holidays one of them is: National heroes day, where they celebrate heroes. Another holiday is: Manila day where they celebrate their foundation on June 24.

Filipino religions BY: Jacie

Some of many Filipino religions are: Roman Catholic and Christian.

Filipino sports BY: Jacie

Filipinos really only play one sport that's called: Arnis, a form of martial arts.

Filipino schools BY: Jacie

Filipinos have unusually weird school rules, including having to only got to school until the 6th grade. But they have a choice to go into the 7th grade, if they want.

Economy BY: Isabelle

The Economic system in The Philippines is: Philippine Peso, our Literacy Rate is: 95.4%, Our GDP per capita is: $4,700, The Population of The Philippines is: 107,668,231. The Philippines are the 47th Largest export economy in the world, The Philippines import Petroleum, Cars, and even Planes. They export Computers, Insulated wire, Gold, and Bananas!

Why did you pick this place? BY: Isabelle

The Philippines have islands with beautiful beaches and islands, ive always loved the beach.

Why should you visit here? BY: Isabelle

Like I said before, The Philippines have various beaches and islands. I always liked to hike mountains or go swimming and The Philippines have tons of places that offer these things. This is why I picked The Philippines. For Example, Chocolate Hills, The Chocolate hills are stunning brown hill tops that are visited every year. Also Boracay, Boracay has peaceful beaches with blue, clear water.

Why i picked the Philippines BY: Jacie

I picked the Philippines because they have lots of places to scuba dive which is really fun and they have so many beautiful beaches like Boracay anyway that's why i picked the Philippines.

Why you should visit the Philippines By: Jacie

You should visit the Philippines because they have this awesome place to scuba dive called Tubbataha reef, you can also go snorkeling which is pretty fun if you like water anyway that's why i think you should visit the Philippines
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