Part Time Coaches Wanted

Health and Fitness Industry

Who I am

I am Sharon and I am a leader who surrounds herself with others that are on the same journey. The journey is twofold. One part is health and fitness and the other is financial freedom.

I am growing my team of heath and fitness coaches and I am interviewing and working with individuals who know there is more to life than working for someone else, asking to take time off, and being capped on how much they can earn because someone else says so.

This is a position for people with any background, you might already be in the health and fitness industry or you might not and either one is just fine. The real question isn't how much you know, but how much you want to learn, grow, and help others.

You can either create your life or let someone create it for you. If you want to join me in creating your life, review the criteria and if you qualify please complete the application so we can set some time to talk in detail about the position, your goals and challenges, and whether working together would be a win-win.

I am expanding my team and need 5 leaders

Qualification Criteria - check that at least 3 apply to you

  • You want more out of life and you are willing to work hard for what you want
  • You don’t want to work a traditional job or have a boss
  • You like earning paid vacations
  • You know that wealth is created by entrepreneurs
  • You like helping others
  • You make lemonade when you are handed lemons
  • You want to control your income and how you spend your time

If the following apply to you, please do NOT apply

  • You are looking for an hourly or salaried position
  • You want to trade your time for money (work an hour, get paid for an hour)
  • You want to manage others or be the boss
  • You are not self a starter or self motivated
  • You are not willing to step outside your comfort zone
  • You focus on problems rather than solutions

Previous experience in sales, customer service, or fitness/nutrition helpful, but not required

If you meet at least 3 of the criteria listed and none of the disqualifies you can apply using the following form