George Burroughs,king of hell

Made By Haidyn Wolfe

George Burroughs was the former minister for the town of wells. During George Burroughs sentencing, people nicknamed him king of hell because he was suspected to have confederacy with the devil. People claimed that George was a wife beater because he murdered his other wives. Some people may not believe he was a bad man because he did very good deeds for people and was respected by everyone. But one night when he was eating dinner with his family he heard people marching towards his house. He looked outside and saw a small group of soldiers with the marshal and Jonathan partridge.

When the group told George he was arrested, they put him in cuffs and escorted him to Salem town, where he was “suspected to have confederacy with the devil”. On April 16, 1962, Thomas Putnam’s daughter, ann, swore that she had seen the apparition of a minister. Then the next evening, Reverend Parris’s niece, Abigail William, also has reported that former minister Burroughs was a wizard!

There was a series of letters and documents Thomas Putnam wrote or co-wrote in 1691 and 1692 that indicates he may have set up the accusations against Reverend George Burroughs, his arrest, and his daughter Ann's testimony against the minister. But the most amazing thing happened, George could say the whole complete lord's prayer! But he was hung anyways.