Gallipoli Campaign

Join the army and help the ANZACS

Join the army

Help us create a better life. Join the ANZACS today over in Gallipoli. There are many reasons why you should do so. These reasons include travelling, better education, learn all kinds of different skills, honour, money, medical and for the better of the country. By joining the army your name will go done in history. It is your chance to show the world what you are made of so dont be afraid, be the man you are today.

Why the help is needed:

Help is desperately needed each and every year for the good of the country aswell for the men who are over in Gallipoli fighting for what they believe in. It is needed to help the country to obtain the goals that they may so have. It also is needed to help protect your loved ones from any possible dangers that could happen.

This is your chance to be brave and show the world what you are capable of so join the ANZACS in Gallipoli for the good of the country

What the result will be if no one joins the ANZACS

The result will be bad for the army aswell as for you. It will be bad for the ANZACS as you are not willing to help them for the good of your country and it will be bad for you aswell as you will not recieve a great education, learn the skills that may help you in the future and could lose loeved ones in this upcoming war.

By Australian Reporter Shaylee Woodland