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What's new with STAT at Mays Chapel?

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December STAT Update ...

Thank you to everyone that was so supportive on my first day back! It really is nice to jump back in to the swing of things and get right back in to the classrooms with you!

Now that I am back please continue to e-mail me in order to schedule times for STAT co-planning, co-teaching, etc. I would love to support you in any way that you need, whether through one on one personalized pd, grade level planning, co-planning or teaching, or with projections and classroom extensions. The sky is the limit!

STAT Help Wanted!

I am still looking for teachers and students willing to share their stories and experiences now that we are reaching the mid-year point. You all know how I like my video, so if you have students with something to share about their Lighthouse journey to this point, please shoot me an e-mail and I can come to grab a few quick video interview clips. It doesn't have to be anything scripted or rehearsed, we just really want to document the entire experience, the good, the frustrating, the changes, and the wows! I would love to include more student footage on our new lobby screen as we continue to add to the capabilities of our TV studio.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Technology Updates

  • LIVE announcements are coming!!! Lights, camera, action! The first Mays Chapel TV studio crew members have been selected and will be informed this week. We will start experimenting with live announcements next week and hope to have a regular student produced broadcast after winter break. To prepare for live announcements ... make sure that your docking station is hard wired with a blue Ethernet cable. These were installed for you prior to my departure, but if you feel that you are missing something please let me know as soon as possible. Announcements will be viewed via Safari Montage. Official directions will be sent out later this week, but if you want to give it a test in the meantime, click on Safari Montage, under the log in box click the link labeled "School News," and select "Mays Chapel TV Studio." At this time you will see and hear the selections currently scrolling on our lobby television.
  • Don't forget to check out the Department of Digital Learning's new ... Digital Learning University! For more information on this exciting professional development activity, click here!
  • As always, don't forget your tech request form! The more information that you can include in your request the easier it is to resolve your issue in an efficient manner. If you are placing a request for a student device don't forget to include the computer number so that technicians can easily locate the device on the cart.
  • Don't forget the Labrador Lock! We are noticing an increase in the number of device issues resulting from damage. Without question, we know that when students are using devices, accidents will happen, but we are noticing that devices are being dropped more frequently at this point in the year. Now that we are mid-way through the year, please take some time to go back and review device procedures with your students. As the students continue to get more comfortable with the technology we don't want them to also get more lax with their care for the devices as well. Reminders are always helpful!

"It's okay to be where you are, it's just not okay to stay there!"

So Mark Your Calendars For Some New PD Opportunities!

Tips for Tech Tuesday - Screencasting 101

Tuesday, Dec. 16th, 4-4:45pm

MCES Library

This session is designed to give participants a brief overview of some of the digital tools that are available to allow teachers to easily capture/narrate video or create screencasts for students. We will also brainstorm and share ways that these tools can be used instructionally both by teachers and students!

Webinar Wednesday - BCPS One: Turn Ins and Discussions

Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 8-10pm

This is an online event.

This webinar is being offered again as many people did not have the ability to attend when it was offered in November. During the session participants will be given an overview of how to set up and use Turn Ins and Discussion in BCPS One. We will also spend time discussing implications for each tool as well.

We are also once again going to attempt to collaborate with some of our fellow Lighthouse schools through the webinar process. This will not only be a chance to gather some new information and continue to add to your BCPS One tool box, but to make some new partnerships and hear a little bit about what instruction looks like in other Lighthouse schools as well.

To join this webinar session, click the following link a few minutes before the designated start time:

What can your STAT teacher do for you?

If you want to schedule a time for a model lesson, to co-plan, to team teach, or simply want some extra support with something you are working on in your classroom, please e-mail me! I am also available to scribe and assist you with engaging in reflective practices in order to help you improve and refine your instruction. Don't delay, schedule today!

Other Updates and PD Opportunities from the Superintendent's Bulletin



Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) has entered into an agreement with Microsoft to

participate in the Microsoft Office 365 Student Advantage Program. The program will give

students and their family members access to as many as five copies of the Microsoft Office 365 suite for personal computers, tablets, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices, all free of charge. The Microsoft Office 365 suite contains all of the most widely used Office functions – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher software tools.

All principals should distribute the attached letter and instructions for installing Microsoft Office 365 to enrolled students. At this time, Microsoft Office 365 is available for students and their family members only. Support for the installation of Microsoft Office software on students’ personal devices is available on the Microsoft Office 365 Web site.

Questions regarding this information should be directed to the following individual(s):

Nick Argyros, Manager 3858, Greg Vukov, Director

Stay tuned for more STAT updates ...