Homemade Pumpkin Pies

Just the right thing for your Thanksgiving cravings!

$8.00 a pie

These are homemade pumpkin pies made by me, Charlene Hines. With a recipe passed down to me from my grandma, they are definitely some of the best. If you would like one just give me a call or text me at (918)691-6109 or email me at char5196@gmail.com. For those at school who buy a pie I will bring them Wednesday the 18th before Thanksgiving break, for any others I will make them at a later date before Thanksgiving and find a way to deliver them to you. The majority of my profit will be going to my band trip this December to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. So buying one you will have a great dessert for Thanksgiving and will be helping me raise money for our band trip. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!