Journey to the Center of the Earth

By: Jules Verne


Professor Hardwigg brings home on of his latest buy, a runic manuscript written by a Icelandic professor named Arne Saknussemm. Harry, professor Hardwiggs nephew, helps decode the message which they figure out says that Arne found an island at the center of the Earth. Immediately the Professor was ready to make the trip, Harry not so much. The two set off for Iceland to find Mount Sneffels, which is the mountain they would climb down into. When they arrive they meet up with their tour guide for the trip who's name is Hans. The three of them travel for miles and miles until they finally come to a cavern that leads them to a vast ocean underground. While on the ocean they discover many prehistoric animals, and after reaching a coastline see something that could be a giant human/ape and decide to not disturb it. After a storm starts to hit the three of them will be thrown into many challenging situations, hoping that they will once again find themselves in the safety of their homes.

Main Characters

Professor Hardwigg

Hardwigg is a professor that is very driven, determined, smart, eccentric,and very quirky man. He is very educated and uses his knowledge during the trip to get them out of tough situations, and find the center of the Earth.


Harry is very shy, and not someone who likes adventures, unlike his uncle, professor Hardwigg. Like his uncle, Harry is also very educated, and together they use there knowledge to find the center of the Earth.


Hans is a very quiet, humble man, who is very knowledgable. He doesn't ask for much during the trip, and tends to keep to himself. Without Hans they would not be able to make it to the center of the Earth.

Favorite passage

At first I saw absolutely nothing. My eyes, wholly unused to the effulgence of light, could not bear the sudden brightness; and I was compelled to close them. When I was able to reopen them, I stood still, far more stupefied than astonished. Not all the wildest effects of my imagination could have conjured up such a scene!

"The sea-the sea," I cried.

"Yes," replied my uncle, in a tone of pardonable pride, "the Central Sea. No future navigator will deny the fact of my having discovered it; and hence of acquiring a right of giving it a name."

This is my favorite passage because at this moment they realize that they had found what they had been searching for. After all they had went through it seems for the first time since the trip had started they had a feeling of accomplishment.

Review of book

This is great read, it's very interesting simply because it's about finding something we would never expect to be real. Now of course it is not a true story, but does keep you interested because you don't know what is going to happen next. One of the most interesting parts is when Harry gets lost and can't find the other two. He faces struggles during that time that eventually make him a stronger man. I liked this book for its sense of adventure and struggle,

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