the iroquoian pepole

By Mckenzie Crooks

Social Oeganization: The iroquoian pepole do not hunt as a group. The father of the family will do all the hunting for the family. When the sons are old enof the father will take his sons hunting sometimes the sonome home woonded.Food Resources: the food that they eat are meat,fish,plants and the food from there crops.Homes: They use the resorses arond them to biuld there long homes they moste use the wood just to biuld.But they will use others for when they dont have them.

The mordan transport is the use canoos to traval on water but they will traval by feet if the waters are dangros.Clothing: In this regon they use qwilz for clothing with there animal skin.Spiritual Beliefs: All first nations pepole belive that they sood pry for the animal that it sacrofis it life for there tools food and clothing that is the end for tody news leter.