5BL Newsletter

November 18-November 22

We have a busy week! Looking forward to seeing all of you at conferences either this Thursday, November 21 or on Monday, November 25. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

In reading, we will be finishing up the novel Liberation of Gabriel King this week. We will continue to discuss the theme of courage. In guided reading I am doing individual reading conferences.

In fifth grade math we are continuing to divide two and three digit dividends by two digit divisors with remainders. Students are really doing a great job with their division skills. We will be testing by mid week.

In accelerated math, students are finding the distance and midpoint with ordered pairs between two points on a coordinate plane. They are also writing and graphing inequalities.

In writing, we are going to be starting a Hero prompt writing. This goes along well with our theme of courage. Students will get to choose which person in their life they consider a hero and write a multi-paragraph essay on this individual.

Students are currently working on notes and activities for lessons 1 an 2 in chapter 6.

In word study we are working on prefixes. Students will need to know the definition of the prefixes on their list. Please help your child study this week.