Mission Possible

An Experiment of the heart...

Abundance of the Heart

Mission Possible: An Abundance of the Heart. We have an abundance of gifts we are not even aware of. Within our hearts there is an infinite supply of gifts...they are Love, Compassion, Gratitude and Peace. We can give these to others without exhausting the supply within our hearts...Most of us think we need to buy something for somebody to show our Love but this is certainly not the case. We are an amazing family of light. Ignite your heartlite this Season of Giving.

Your mission:
Center yourself in your heart each morning with a grounding exercise or just breath mindfully for a few minutes. If you need resources for this part please connect with us.
Close your eyes and put your hand over your heart and focus on breathing in through your nose, feel the coolness as you breath in...then out through your mouth as you vision your breath moving through your heart.
Next, think about different things you can do each day to help people out, what is it like to be them? Today, what can I do to life people up?

Here are some ideas....
smile at a grumpy cashier whose probably been working long stressful hours getting ready for the holiday consumer rush
Give someone with a sign on the side of the road your warm wool jacket to keep them warm and give them a hug. This inspired me to start our Mission Possible
Invite a friend over for music and art
Invite a friend over for a cup of hot cocoa and a conversation where you listen to each other
Help out an elderly couple who may need wood chopped or chores they are unable to do
Volunteer at a hospital or Children's Hospital during the holidays...I remember spending a couple with Mimi in the hospital...no fun

Should you choose to accept this mission you will experience gratitude, love, compassion, abundance, and peace as well as exercise your empathic ability which is within our hearts. You will begin to view the world from a Love perspective instead of a fear perspective and catalyze evolutionary transformation within yourself and others you share your experiences with.
This is not a contest so move into it peacefully, slowly and mindfully with Love in our hearts. Please share your experiences here with Cascadia Effect. I will be doing an article to share our results with our community so please join us in an "Experiment of the Heart" this holiday season.
Please RSVP and post your experiences with us on facebook.

Mission Possible An Experiment of the Heart

Wednesday, Nov. 25th, 10am to Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, 1pm

Wherever you are..

Its a good day to take a few moments out of my day to send my love and energy to all life...I send positive energy to relatives around Mother Earth joining together to speak for her. Infinite love and light, Sasa.
For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.