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Shaping Hearts and Minds in the Service of Christ 8/17/2021

August 24, 2021 Is our first day of school!

Slowly but surely we are getting things put back together at St. Mary School. We are excited to welcome all of our students on August 24, 2021. We will begin the day with our traditional run through beginning at 8:40am. Our 7th and 8th grade students will have already arrived but we will welcome them out on the front lawn with us beginning at 8:40am.

For those families who are new, we always welcome our students and families back by gathering together on the front lawn for donuts and coffee (provided by our amazing parent club) and an all family prayer. The students then race into the school building, together as a class. Parents are welcome to follow their children into the classroom for first day pictures, hugs and warm wishes. The children will quickly say their goodbyes and parents will head back to their vehicles. Please do you best not to squeal the tires as you leave :)

There has been a small change to our start and end times. Please look below for the updated times.

Kindergarten through Sixth Grade: 8:40 am - 3:40 pm

Students may be dropped off no earlier than 8:30am

Seventh and Eighth Grade: 7:25 am - 2:20 pm

Students may be dropped off no earlier than 7:15 am

We are excited to welcome two additional staff members to our school community; Mrs. Jenna Sawdy and Mrs. Taylor Bryant. Both will be supporting your children in the Early Learning Center and K-8 School. We are so lucky to have two faith filled mothers answer the call to serve at St. Mary!

WE NEED Volunteers

We are in need of many volunteers for this years events. We would love to have our Dad's volunteer to support the Purse Bingo event on Friday August 20, 2021 so the Mom's can win some Designer Purses. There are also slots for our older students or Lansing Catholic Students to volunteer so please check those out as well. Thank you in advance for your spirit of stewardship as we all work together to have a wonderful weekend of fun and fellowship!

Please consider signing up for this amazing event at Pig Palooza

The painting class is such an awesome opportunity for children to experience. Mrs. Fleischmann is an amazing artist and teacher. We have a number of high school and middle school students who will be supporting this class to ensure that your children have an enjoyable time. Please consider signing up for this event.
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COVID Questions

We have recieved many calls regarding masking for students and staff this week. Below is a reminder from the last newsletter. We will send out a newsletter or email if anything changes.

Reminder: At this time, as an overarching school policy, we will not have a mask policy dictating who needs to be masked. However, we will partner with each of our families to support their individual choice. If your family would like to wear a mask, we invite you to send your child to school in their mask. If your family would not like to wear a mask, we invite you to send your child to school mask free.

Although this is how we will begin the year, if at any point in time a new mandate is pushed out from Eaton County or the State, we will abide by those mandates, just as we did last year.

Additionally, we will continue with many of the safety protocols that we put in place that are good health practices, such as washing hands frequently, taking time to clean the desks at the end of the day or when switching classes, and continuing with the ventilation of our air in the classrooms.

Please note, I'm still working with Eaton County on how to proceed with school related COVID-19 illness as we begin the new year, so please look for an updates in following newsletters.

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Uniform Policy

Please make sure to review the uniform policy to ensure you purchased the appropriate items for your child's return to school. The uniform policy is in your handbook as well as located on our website. Click here for the link.

Please remember that the plaid for our school can only be purchased through Lands End or Educational Outfitters. The picture to the right is an example of what our plaid looks like for our young ladies.

Child Care News

Need before or after school child care?

Below are links to access a letter from the Director of our Early Learning Center, Amy Saltzman, explanation of child care fees as well as a Child Care Calendar. Please review and direct your questions to Amy via email:

Welcome Back Littles!

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