Power Of "WE"

Week of February 15-19, 2016

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Remember as Ms. Tubman said above "you are the ones with the strength, the patience, and the passion." You are the ones that make a difference everyday! You establish the culture, the management and the level of learning in your classroom. You enable your students to reach for the stars and to change the world. You are the dreamer for the ones that don't know how to dream.

Cochran is four weeks away from our first round of STAAR testing. Thank you for all the hard work that you are doing in the classrooms. Our goal is to get out of Improvement Required and Cochran is well on its way to meet that goal.

Thank you for that sense of urgency in making sure that all of Cochran's students are as prepared as possible to meet the challenge. A special thanks to those of you that are supporting the upper grades: Mr. Loera, Ms. Martinez, Ms. Boson, Ms. Miller, Coach Booker, Ms. Guillory, and Mr. Manzanera. Between after-school, Saturday school, and Winning the Race focus sessions, Cochran is always working to their highest potential. Don't forget that our Key Actions in our Action Plan all revolve around student engagement, critical thinking and data.

I hope you had a great three day weekend and look forward to this four day week. Remember, in President Obama's words "We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."


TELPAS training is happening on Tuesday, February 16, 2016> Those teachers that will be out at the Kilgo training will have to meet with me at a later date. Please read over the pages highlighted in your Manual and have your oaths signed and ready to turn in after the training. New teachers and teachers that have gotten an email from me will have to ensure that they complete the Online Basic Training. Calibration Sessions will be scheduled in the computer lab within this week.

Link for the TELPAS online basic training site:


  • Here is the code for the raters when self-registering for the online Basic Training site: training2016
  • Make sure to choose Region 10 as the region
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Student Attendance

Teachers and staff will continue to monitor student attendance as described in district policy and campus handbook.

Key Action #1,2,3,4



Teachers we are excited to announce that all students who pass their MOCK STAAR, will be allowed to join the faculty and staff in a friendly game of DodgeBall. We are expecting this incentive to encourage our students to focus and do their best. Please check your email for additional information.

ACP Movie Day

No, we have not forgotten! We will be celebrating our scholars this week with a movie and popcorn! Teachers we know that our student success could not be possible without wonderful teacher leaders like you! We thank you for your CORE-Beliefs that every student can be successful! We believe in you, and we salute you!

Valentines Dance

Our students had a blast! Check out the photos as some proof! We would like to thank our DJ-Booker, teacher dancers, and our teacher & parent chaperones! We could not have done it without each of you! Let's plan to do it again!

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I would like to give a Grrrrreat big THANK YOU to all of the Cochran Colt Staff. Thanks for the Super-fantastic Job that you do each day working with and for all the students at Nancy J. Cochran Elementary.

COLTS Super 90 will resume February 24th and 25th we will analyze data from the Mock STAAR and 4th Six Weeks Common Assessement.
Let's continue to work hard giving it our all , becasue the best is yet to come!

This Week at Cochran

Monday: President's Day No School

Tuesday: Staff Meeting: Telpas Training and Kilgo Reading Training during the day

Wednesday: Tutoring, Math Kilgo Training and Mock STAAR Science 5th and Writing 4th

Thursday: Tutoring and Mock STAAR Math 3rd-5th

Friday: Mock STAAR Reading 3rd-5th and end of the 4th six weeks

Saturday: Saturday School


  • Posted lesson plans and schedules
  • Updated and posted LOs and DOLs
  • UPDATED WORD WALL: there should be a plethora of words posted
  • Clutter free classrooms
  • Grades should be updated on a weekly basis
  • Be on time for pick up at Specials and cafeteria
  • Never leave students unsupervised
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