Daily Banking Day

Agenda Notes 9.26.14


1. NOC Project-will affect parking where Bungalow 1 & 2 are located

Part of the ETIS basement remodel. There will be a gated pathway for the construction. There will be limited parking by the bungalows.

2. Administrative Walk-Through: Nov. 20th 2014

Who, What, Why?- Admin. is grouped in trios, they go to various school sites and report back on the progress on implementation. Admin will go into a few classes and look for the 4 C's: Critical Thinking-Communication-Creativity-Collaboration.

3. i-Ready/Common Core Training: 10/16/14, Daily, Verdugo, and Jewel City Staff will be divided in half, for a half day 90 minute trainings. 9 subs will be coming to sub in classes. Talk to Lonny or Rene about schedule.

4. Share Staff Survey Results from 9/19/14 Meeting-all but one person agrees that the staff "911"'s are being addressed. Most people voted that they were able to write learning targets, with a few neutrals. There were mixed feelings about norming student work (which was bring a writing sample and discuss). Most felt comfortable with writing learning targets and essential questions. Some resources that are needed are: communication, more collaboration time/planning time, and examples of applying essential questions to units across the curriculum.

*Dr. Valdez noted an open door policy, if anybody has any questions about student discipline they are welcome to ask in person at any time.

5. Share i-ready Assessment Results-We are almost done with the testing. Yesterday was the deadline, but we are going to try to assess the rest of the students. The overall feeling was that most students took it seriously, it is helpful to have the flag/warning if a student was rushing through the test. When looking at the data, the red is more than one level below grade level, yellow is one grade below grade level, and green is on target.

*We need some clarification about the grade level testing with the math scores.

6. Students of the Month-start nominations next week, we will nominate a student that is recognized for the month of September, but they will recognized in October. Student of the Month will be described to students next week, students will self nominate, Key Club and Dr. Root will filter through the applications, and then staff will vote on Student of the Month. The rewards for Student of the Month are a reserved parking spot in the front, front of the line pass, picture on the website, and recognition with family. This does apply to Re-connect Ed.

7. Student SST

8. GTA moment