10 things Garrett cant live without

yeahh boi

My bike

Cant live without my bike because it takes me anywhere its just as fast as a car it costs nothing to ride it, and you have so much freedom on a bike you can go anywhere and do anything.


music is so awesome i definitely cant live without it, so inspirational sets any mood in the room and it can cheer any one up.


quesadillas are the best food on the planet they are loaded with goodness and flavor in every bite!


sports keep me healthy, happy, and active. They are very fun and are good exercise. Baseball Tennis basketball track and football.


Dirt bikes i cant live without because they are the funniest most exciting things alive! racing up and down hills and trails doing wheelies are the funniest.

Water skiing

water skiing is soooooooooooooooo fun! You feel so alive when you ski on the water and you feel so free.

Snow skiing

Snow skiing is something i cant live without! You can go 50 mph down the hill ripping down the mountain its a blast. Tree skiing is even better you rip through the forest dogging trees and having a blast. Prouder skiing is the best by far fresh snow on the mountain 3 feet deep, going down the mountain is a blast.

My phone

Sadly i cant live without my phone. It keeps me busy and lets me contact all my friends and play games.

My bed

my bed is the most comfortable relaxing thing to come home to and just lay down on. cant live without it.


Tresemme shampoo and conditioner are the best and make your hair the softest and beautiful.