Theme Campaign

Themes in Anne Frank

Major Themes

1. Courage and hope can triumph over the most difficult circumstances.
2. Human growth involves pain.
3. Everyone needs someone to share life's experiences with.
4. Evil exists not only because a few powerful leaders impose it, but also because many ordinary people allow it.
5. People need a sense of purpose and direction in their lives.

Where This Theme is Found in Literature or Books

Why This Theme is Important in the Real World


Find atleast 2 webites that you find information about on your chosen theme. Then, using the EasyBib website below, make a works cited and copy and paste onto your working document.

Possible Campaign Assets

What are some ways you can promote your theme?
music video with song mashup
newspaper articles
community awareness help resources
radio spot
Facebook ad
Twitter posts and hashtag
what not to do


1.You must have a written Radio Spot and an actual recording of it (2-5 minutes)
2.You must have a video or commercial of your theme, with script (2-5 minutes)
3.Choose a third campaign asset of your choice (you may use one written above.)

What to do:

Use the theme campaign format on the above website to set up your campaign.
You must include the 3 assets on this format.
Be prepared to present your campaign and assets to the class.
Email to Mrs. Halk when finished.
This is a test grade!

Due Date: Tuesday, February 11

Be Ready to Present!