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The Peasants

In the beginning of the novel Dracula, by Bram Stoker, the main character, Jonathan Harker, travels to Transylvania. As Jonathan travels to his destination, he receives various gifts, or rather, safety items from peasants. The peasants that gave him these gifts each showed that they were fearful for him and where he was heading. Although they knew what he was getting into, instead of simply warning him that Count Dracula was a deadly and murderous vampire they decided to give him items that would protect him from being attacked by Dracula. I found this very interesting because if the peasants would have just warned Jonathan of the dangers ahead of him there would be no need for the crucifix, garlic, or any of the other items. The peasants being upfront about the reality of the Count would have saved Jonathan and the peasants both time and resources. I found this very interesting.

-William David

Dracula 2012

The Truth about Dracula

In the ending of the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, Dracula ends up being killed and Jonathan and company live happily ever after. Although this ending is very convenient and pretty, if the story were to be a reality I think it would have ended a little more like this: Jonathan and his friends hate for Dracula grows more and more passionately as time passes. Dracula has taken Lucy from them and now continues to target each of them one by one. The fight against Dracula grows and soon more and more people get involved. The government has now set out to destroy all vampires. With that, Dracula and fellow vampires declare war against all humans. In the end the vampires overpower and take control of London. Jonathan, Mina, and friends all die in the battle and may even become the one thing they despise the most... a vampire.

- William David

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One of the themes of Dracula is marriage, marriage is presented throughout the whole novel and Mina and Jonathan Harker do a good job representing this theme. Since mina and Jonathan Harker are the only real couple that’s actually married, they’re the best example to use. Marriage frequently pops up and the question of who should have more power in a marriage, and what the role of a husband and wife should be are frequently asked. The novel is filled with many questions over marriage. Why are the three female vampires referred to as “Brides of Dracula”? That’s just one of the many questions that go un answered. -David


A theme often seen in Dracula are the roles of men and women. Should men hunt and provide for the family or should the women protect  and provide for the family. Does the women or men play a more important role in running a family. Women are suppose to be sweet, pure, and innocent but is that how they are in the novel Dracula? Often times men and women roles are pre destined that when they do the opposite it is often ridiculed and absurd. In Dracula there’s lots of women with manly features  and masculine like attributes. Van Helsing even said that minas best attribute is that she has a “man’s  brain”. Lots of time the gender roll between men and women get mixed up.-David

Peder B. Helland

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