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June 5th-June 8th

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A Note from Principal Sage

BMS Families,

This past week has been challenging for our Boeckman and Farmington community. We continue to grapple with the loss, but remain committed to each other and finishing the year strong. This week we will look to celebrate the learning communities that were created over the year. It has been an amazing year. One that I will personally never forget. I can’t express enough how thankful I am to have joined the Boeckman community. Boeckman has an incredible staff that is dedicated to making positive connections with students daily. The kids that attend Boeckman are hands down the best. I can’t say it enough, I am so incredibly PROUD to be the principal at Boeckman Middle School!

As we enter the last week of school, we want to continue to offer the ability for parents to write a Tiger Stripe to our staff. Tiger Stripes are ways of spreading gratitude and our staff has sent over 6,000 Tiger Stripes this year to our community. As parents, your words and recognition of our staff mean a lot. Linked here is a quick way to send a message of thanks to an individual staff member.

We would like to ask your help in reminding your student to follow our core values. Below are quick speaking points that you could use to help support our staff here at school:

  • Core Value: Be Responsible – Ask your student to continue to meet the expectations both in school and on the bus. Some moments there can be a lot of energy and it is important for students to remember to be responsible in all settings.
  • Core Value: Show Compassion – Ask your student how they can show gratitude to staff and peers. Students have the ability to write Tiger Stripes to staff, some show compassion by helping peers clean up, or sit next to someone who is having a difficult day.
  • Core Value: Have Integrity – Ask your student how they stay focused throughout the day. Gentle reminders to your child about listening to adult direction and trusting their “gut” to do the “right” thing every day is always appreciated by our staff.

We have an incredible community of learners, parents and staff. Thank you for all your partnership and support over the year. This will be the last newsletter for the 22-23 school year. You can expect a mid-summer update in late July/August. Be safe this summer and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

With gratitude,

-Joe Sage, Principal

DEW Days Block Party!

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iPad Checkout is Back

Families with learners who currently take iPads home in grades K-11 may now opt to checkout their district issued iPads for the summer months! This is our eighth year offering optional summer iPad checkout. Last year nearly 75% of eligible families and students opted to check out their issued iPads. Using RevTrak to agree to the updated 2023-24 iPad Loan Agreement will ensure that your child is set with their iPad check out for the entire 2023-24 academic year.

The option for Summer iPad checkout supports our efforts to foster open-ended, personalized learning opportunities; curiosity; exploration and continued access to creative tools and resources. It also allows students to continue to have access to technology that helps them stay connected to their schools, friends, family and the community during the summer months.

We encourage families to consider checking out their learner’s district issued iPad for the summer. With the optional summer iPad checkout, fewer returning students will need to be scheduled through a “fall checkout” process when schools are back in session. This will shorten the amount of time that students and teachers are without iPads next fall. Those opting for summer iPad checkout will be set until spring 2024.

The updated 2023--24 iPad Loan Agreement, which includes helpful information for iPads checked out for the summer and also the following school year, is available online. In addition, the RevTrak “iPad Loan Agreement” activities are live for each site allowing parents, guardians, and learners the ability to review and agree to the terms of the 2023-24 iPad Loan Agreement and either opt to ENROLL in, or WAIVE participation in the iPad Protection Plan. The enrollment fee for the optional iPad Protection Plan is $35 for the 2023-24 school year, with no additional fee for the summer months.

Please note that if you have not used RevTrak yet, you will need to create an account and also know your child’s student ID number to complete the registration process. If you used RevTrak for completing last year’s 2022-23 iPad Loan Agreement, the system has saved your parent and child account information. You will still need to know your learner’s Student ID number. The RevTrak e-Guides and Customer Account guide, along with the RevTrak Frequently Asked Questions provide helpful information for setting up and using the system.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more details on the optional summer iPad checkout, theiPad Protection Plan, and repair procedures. Later this month individual schools will share end-of-year collection information for those not choosing to take advantage of this opportunity.

For families opting to check out their learner’s iPad for the summer, please know that iPad collection dates vary by school. Therefore, it is strongly advised to please use RevTrak to review and agree to the 2023-24 iPad Loan Agreement, determine if you want to waive or enroll in the iPad Protection Plan, and complete the “checkout” process as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Farmington Area Public Schools, ISD 192
20655 Flagstaff Avenue, Farmington, MN 55024 | 651-463-5000

23-24 School Year Busing Information

As we approach the last days of school, we wanted to send out a reminder to contact Marschall Line this summer with busing changes for next year preferably no later than August 1st. Marschal Lines will be freezing all routing changes starting August 25th (First day of school is Sept 5th) and will not make changes until time allows after school starts (probably the week of September 11-15th). Below are the assumptions they make when transitioning students from school year to school year:

Current 5th Graders going to MS

  • All secondary addresses/daycares are removed. Students are routed from their primary address to/from school. If they are to still be going to a secondary address, parents need to call/email Marschall Line and update busing info for next year no later than August 1st.

Marschall Line Phone Number: 651-463-8689

Marschall Line Email:

Big Rig Open House Event

Marschall Lines will be hosting a Big Rig Open House Event on June 23rd in partnership with Farmington Dew Days. The Event is from 3:00pm-7:00pm. Any licensed driver over the age of 18 is allowed to drive a school bus on their property. Here is a link to the event page:

ISD 192 Summer Camps Begin June 12!

Are you wondering what to plan for your child’s summer? Community Education has several camp and class opportunities for youth ages 2-grade 12! Summer camps span a wide range of activities, including Art, Music, Sports, Theater, Academics, STEM, and much more! There is plenty for families to choose from to fit everyone’s interest!

To see a list of our offerings in our Catalog, click here.

Know what you want to sign up for? Click here to register!

Fee assistance is available for students who receive free and reduced lunch, or have extenuating circumstances. To apply, please fill out a request at


May 29............................................NO SCHOOL

June 7.............................................8th Grade to Valleyfair

June 8.............................................Last Day of School - Early Release

**Save the Dates**

August 24......................................6th Grade WEB Orientation 8:00am-12:30pm

August 29......................................Open House 2:00pm-7:00pm

September 5................................. First Day of School

*Details for some activities will be shared closer to dates.

Summer Instrumental Music Offerings

Registration for summer instrumental music offerings including pops band, jazz band, ukulele, and semi-private lessons is now open. These offerings are available to learners entering grades 6-9 for the 2023-2024. Please check the flyer for more details.

Contact Rachel Gorden Mercer at or Joe Lasko at with questions.

Register here:

Middle School Sports Opportunities

For years, Farmington Community Education has offered intramural co-ed basketball and an intramural co-ed combination of football & soccer. Starting in Fall 2023, Farmington CE will now be your source for the following interscholastic middle school sports: girls volleyball, girls tennis, girls soccer, boys soccer. Wrestling will be offered in the winter; and track & field will be offered in the spring.

Interscholastic Opportunities: this is for participants to compete against other middle schools in the BSC (Big Suburban Conference) as done previously. It is important to note that school-bus transportation will not be available to or from those other schools on meet/match days.

Continued intramural opportunities in co-ed football & soccer will be offered again in the fall and in co-ed basketball in the winter. Those will entail a combination of teaching of basic skills and drills and some game-like opportunities against others in the program. All participants are from Dodge and Boeckman. The after school shuttle bus will still be available for middle school students that need to get to the other building.

Registration opens June 28.

For more information visit

For more information, feel free to email

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BMS Website and the Boeckman Buzz

Please take some time to visit the BMS Website where you will find an abundance of helpful information to support your middle school student. The Boeckman Buzz is an electronic publication that you will receive via email every week from our principal Mr. Sage and the Boeckman Buzz is always available on the BMS website. It is very helpful to take time to read through this publication to keep updated on upcoming events and happenings.

About us

The mission of Boeckman Middle School, a learner-centered community committed to personalization that nurtures curiosity, to ensure each learner exercises ownership for continuous personal growth to have a positive impact on themselves and their communities through:

  • Honoring uniqueness and valuing diverse experiences

  • Safe and empathetic environments that foster authentic relationships

  • Nurturing joy and well-being

  • Mistakes and reflection as essential components of learning

  • Partnering with our communities


  • Each learner continuously grows in their learning.

  • Each learner engages in reflection to guide their future decisions and actions.

  • Each learner explores a variety of ideas and experiences supporting personal growth.

Action Steps:

  • We will share and utilize research-based, culturally responsive practices to personalize learning. -

  • We will create safe and empathetic communities that optimize learning and prioritize well-being. -

  • We will develop and design reporting methods that promote ownership for learners and families while supporting a growth mindset.

  • We will create learner-centered systems that honor uniqueness and nurture curiosity.