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December 3, 2018

15 Minute Byte Sized Learning!

Do you find leaving comments for students in Google Docs/Slides cumbersome?

Would you like to speed up the process of providing student feedback or having students leave feedback for each other?

We invite you to a 15 minute Webinar on Wednesday, December 5th at 4:30pm to learn the power of the Google Add-On called Checkmark which helps you leave customized comments in Google Docs and Slides efficiently.

Visit bit.ly/FISDcheckmark on Dec. 5th by 4:30 to grab the link to join the webinar. This webinar will be recorded for later viewing.

Learning, Learning, Everywhere!

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The Twelve Days of Twitter Challenge- Starts TODAY!

Joins us as Frisco ISD joins in the Twelve Days of Twitter Challenge! Each day you will tweet (we give you the topic- see below) and you hashtag #12DaysTwitter and #ourFISDstory (and #LTHSlearns if you can!)

Want a printable version of the calendar? FInd one here.

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More Bulb Training

Bulb Training continues on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Library during A block lunch. I am covering

  • how to login to Bulb
  • how to add content
  • how to get a link to share a specific page or collection in Bulb

I would love for you to join us. You can sign up here or I can come visit your PLC.

Did You Know? File Paths and Names

When a file pathway is too long, you might not be able to access, copy or save a file any longer. There are two things that affect how long a file pathway is, the name of the file and how many folders it is inside.

A file path looks like this:

H:\Underwater Basketweaving\Unit 1\Assessments\Tests\Unit 1 Test

So when that pathway gets long, we start to have problems. A few levels are fine, and the names above are all relatively short. This is okay.

You also want to avoid having any weird symbols in your file names. No quotes, no commas, no punctuation. Pretty much the only thing you should put in a file name that isn't a letter or number would be a dash or an underscore.

What would a problematic file path look like?

H:\Underwater Basketweaving for Beginners (Freshmen & Sophomores Only)\Understanding the Basics of Underwater Basketweaving\Basket Types, Materials and Methods\Day 1\Assessments\Unit 1 Test:Foundations of Baskets, Understanding Basket Cases

This is just an FYI- file names are easy to change and as you access various documents throughout the year, you might consider updating file names to avoid future problems.