Getting Started with Smore's Editor

A quick guide on how to get started making flyers with Smore

The Smore Flyer Editor

At Smore's heart is the flyer editor. The editor allows even design novices to create beautiful, compelling and effective flyers for many purposes.

To load the editor, you can start making a new flyer, or edit an existing flyer.

The editor in action

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1. The location bar

Use this bar to edit the flyer's geographic location. This helps Smore understand what city or country the flyer is in, so it can be properly tagged. Try tagging by where the flyer's subject is, versus where you're editing it from. For example, if you're in Florida editing a flyer about a New York event, set the location to "New York".

2. The Update and Save buttons

On the right, you'll see two big buttons. One is "Update page" (or "Done Editing"). The other is "Save now".

Update Page (Done Editing) - This button saves the page and changes the online, published version to be the version you're currently seeing. It's like a "save draft" and "publish" button all in one.

Save now - This is like a "save draft" button. Once you click on this button your changes are saved to a "draft". It won't change the online, published version (so visitors still see the old version). It allows you to edit in peace and only publish when you're ready.

3. Adding more stuff

To add more stuff, just scroll down to the bottom of the flyer. You will see many buttons there for content you can add. Just click on any one of them to add more content.

You can also add content between paragraphs by mousing over them and clicking on the green ( + ) buttons.
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4. Changing content positions

To change content positions simply drag the content box to the desired location on your flyer.